Book Launch

I passed another important milestone with my new book this week…the launch!

Held at North Vancouver’s Community History Centre on Wednesday afternoon, the launch was a chance for me to thank the people in attendance  who had  helped me get to this stage of my journey with the book. They included:

  • Daniel Francis, Ken Gill, Franz Scherubl and Eric Startup who gave feedback on the initial concepts and drafts of the chapters
  • Chris Cooper, Jane Frost, Ed Hill, Doug Simpson and Kari-Ann Thor who provided current stories involving the canoe
  • Chris Cooper, Jane Frost and Ed Hill who also provided images published in the book, including Hill’s spectacular cover
  • Jean Senft and Jacqui Thomas who helped me find a publisher and get published
  • Son Matthew, daughter Lynn and wife Betty Ann for all their love and support during the long process of writing a book
  • Mike Gilbert, Bob Putnam and Mike Robinson who also read and commented on an advance copy of the book
  • Leslie Kenny and Sonia Haynes for their work on helping to promote the book.

It was a moving time for me, to have all these people who I had talked to individually then together in one room and to hear their excitement and support for having captured some of the width and depth of the canoe story in British Columbia.



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