Canoe Crossings – Book Description

Canoe Crossings: Understanding the Craft that helped Shape British Columbia was released by Heritage House in May, 2014. It is written by Sanford Osler with a foreword by Shelagh Rogers. The book describes, with the help of over 50 colour images, the length, width and depth of the relationship between people in British Columbia and various types of canoes (including kayaks and dragon boats).

The history of British Columbia has been shaped by many forces—natural, cultural, political, social, and economic. And at the intersection of all those forces is an ancient and seemingly simple watercraft. Canoe Crossings tells the story of British Columbia’s people, places, traditions, and achievements through the incredible influence of the canoe. The story chronicles the canoe’s suspected origins in North America and its impact on the people who used it to explore, hunt, trade, fight, race, create, and even heal. Always at the crossroads of canoe culture, BC today is home to innovative artists and designers, as well as community leaders who see the canoe’s potential to bring people together. Canoe Crossings will appeal to anyone who has ever sought adventure, found solace, or seen beauty in a canoe.

Table of Contents

Foreword (by Shelagh Rogers)
Chapter 1: The Birchbark Canoe
Chapter 2: The Dugout Canoe
Chapter 3: The Skin Canoe
Chapter 4: The First Canoes
Chapter 5: Racing Canoes

Chapter 6: Symbolic Canoes
Concluding Strokes
Appendix: Skookum Kalitan